In OSC, our students learn by researching, designing and implementing a project to answer a real world problem, meet a challenge, or serve a community interest. Many of our projects are based on themes.


Examples of Project Based Learning in OSC

On Wisconsin Project!

This was a project where students had to study an area of interest connected to Wisconsin. During this project, students gained knowledge by researching through the use of books, internet and field studies to meet with experts. For example, one student was interested in Ole Evinrude so he traveled to a local marina to learn about the Evinrude motor.  By the end of the project they had to be able to answer the following three questions about their chosen Wisconsin Topic:

  1. What is its history in Wisconsin?
  2. How has it impacted Wisconsin?
  3. Where is it present within Wisconsin?

The final component of this project had students design and build an interactive display to be used during Project Night. Project Night is a night to showcase the projects to other students in the district, community members and OSC families. For the On Wisconsin Project Night, we had over 400 visitors come through our school to see all the amazing projects!


OSC Field Studies

In OSC, students participate in field studies in which they learn from experts in a field of study that is connected to a project or our current focus of study. There are no charges to families for field studies as the cost is covered by fundraising.