• Why do you have a lottery?
    OSC was established using grants from the federal government and along with those funds came specific guidelines and rules. One of those rules is that we must have a lottery if the number of students applying is over our set limit. Our lottery is open to all students entering grades 3, 4 and 5.
  • How do I enroll my child?
    Enrollment for OSC takes place from Feb. 1 to April 29. A placement form and application will be mailed to all 2nd Grade families. Any application turned in after ? will result in that applicant being placed on the waiting list.
  • Do I have to enroll each year once they have been selected?
    Once your child is in OSC, your child does not have to go through the lottery process again but you DO have to complete a placement form indicating if your child will be returning to OSC the following school year.
  • What is the sibling clause?
    If you have a child in OSC and another child will be entering OSC at the same time, that child is automatically placed into OSC. However, you MUST fill out a PLACEMENT FORM and an OSC APPLICATION. An OSC application form MUST be submitted in order for your entering child to be admitted into OSC.