• Project and Place Based Learning
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Focus on National Common Core Standards
  • Authentic Assessments
  • Abundant Field Studies


  • Real World Connections
  • Evolving Community and Business Partnerships
  • Reciprocal Parent and Community Collaboration
  • Service Learning
  • Interactive Setting with Extended Community

Teacher’s Role

  • Guided Instruction
  • Individualized and Personalized Learning
  • Provide Rigorous Coursework and Project Designs
  • Flexible and Innovative Learning Opportunities
  • Develop Authentic Lifelong Learning Skills Through Application
  • Help Students Achieve Academic and Personal Goals

School Culture

  • Multiage Classrooms
  • Responsive Scheduling
  • Increasing Student Choice and Responsibility
  • Authentic Applications
  • Student Driven Atmosphere
  • Strong Interpersonal Relationships